What’s Your Intent?

A while back, Pastor Joe challenged us with being set apart, holy. Encouraged us to demand that we separate ourselves from evil. 

Is it your aggressive intention to walk closely with God in all that you do? 

Aggressive intention. Passivity not an option here. It got my imagination going. Let’s go on a trip. A river-rafting trip.

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Who’s Missing?

Summertime. If you have school-aged kids, you know what that means: no routine. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. Lazier days, longer days. Days of rest, days of recreation. Days at home, days away.

Let me say (as someone who’s had someone away from home for a few days) that if you’re someone who’s been a way from church for a while: You. Are. Missed.

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Looking Forward, Again?

If you’re like me, there’s probably something you’re looking forward to. Maybe it’s the premiere of a long-awaited sequel to your favorite movie franchise. How about a family reunion where “everyone” will be there. Or it could be an appointment where the doctor says the tests are “clear”.

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