Game On, already?

VBS is coming soon. But before that, we have a quick family trip to TX. We’re off to celebrate the wedding of my cousin and his new bride. It’s been a joy to see their relationship bloom and thrive from afar. And now we will enjoy them up-close at a reception with so many of their friends. We just love weddings (even if they’re already wed). Continue reading


Wasn’t that awesome!?

“That car/pizza/concert/movie/band/song/athlete/TV/vacation/speech/ is awesome!”

“Dad, only God is awesome.”

Busted. Isn’t it amazing how our use of words can increase the value of one thing while decreasing the value of something else? Here we’ve used the word “awesome” to describe nearly everything under the sun. And in doing so, we’ve cheapened the word that is used to describe our King of kings and Lord of lords.

“Dominion and awe belong to God” Job 25:2

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Do you remember?

I can’t say I grew up going to church; It was very occasionally. I do remember Vacation Bible School in the summer and Good News Club every Tuesday after school. I remember persistent friends who would invite me to church and youth group throughout high school. But it wasn’t until a time in college that I found myself (finally) at the cross and gave my life to Christ. It was Easter Sunday 1991. Continue reading