What stage: ought, get, or want?

Growth brings about change. Change can bring about growth. Sounds like we should be changing and growing, huh? Sounds exhausting.

I remember taking Geometry in high school. Our teacher told us, “you’re not going to get this at the beginning, but eventually the light will turn on”. And she was right. The light did turn on, although at different times during the semester. Each class we’d slog through proofs and problems, do the homework, and one by one there would be an “aha” moment for one of the students. I remember having a sense of pride at finally “getting it”. It changed my outlook on the class subject specifically and learning in general.

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What Do You Hope For?

As this new year begins (after what we’ve been through in 2020), what do you hope for now? What do you long for now? What do you wait expectantly for now? 

Something new/different/better or something…still?

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What do you expect?

As we enter this season of Advent, we also enter the darkest days of the year. The days are shorter, as is our patience and attention. The nights are longer, as are our faces and to-dos. The temperatures are declining, as is our attitude and confidence.

And on top of it all, our world looks very different now than it did a year ago. Not at all what we expected.

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