Where is your strength?

I can’t say I’m too experienced in great loss. Maybe my memory just isn’t very good, but I haven’t had sudden catastrophes consume me. I’ve not had to endure the loss of a child/spouse/parent. No natural disasters, no unexpected hospitalizations, no haunting questions of the unknown. I’ve dealt (in my own way) with the past COVID year along with everyone else. And even there, mine has just been a dripping-faucet or hold-your-breath kind of experience, slowly eroding away my patience. So I haven’t really had the “hard-knock” life, Annie. Still, there’s always challenges. Always something that’s not quite fair (“Who says life is fair, where is that written?”). 

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Last year, we were just one month away from Holy Week when we had to begin meeting apart. This year, we’re planning for continued in-person gatherings, including Experience the Passion. Next month (Lord willing) we will be sharing our Good Friday “service”, Experience the Passion. If you’ve never been before, I hope you’ll plan to do so. If you have been before, I hope you will visit again (and bring a friend). Either way, it will be a little different this time around: there is a registration event to select the time you want to visit and the number in your group.

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What stage: ought, get, or want?

Growth brings about change. Change can bring about growth. Sounds like we should be changing and growing, huh? Sounds exhausting.

I remember taking Geometry in high school. Our teacher told us, “you’re not going to get this at the beginning, but eventually the light will turn on”. And she was right. The light did turn on, although at different times during the semester. Each class we’d slog through proofs and problems, do the homework, and one by one there would be an “aha” moment for one of the students. I remember having a sense of pride at finally “getting it”. It changed my outlook on the class subject specifically and learning in general.

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