Staying in tune

As a worship pastor who plays guitar, it’s important that guitar stay in tune. To do that, I use a tuner that is always with me, on my iPhone: Guitar Toolkit by Agile Partners. It’s much more than just a tuner however. It also features a metronome, chord library, scales library, alternate tunings, and all for a collection of stringed instruments (which could come in real handy if I ever pick up my mom’s banjo). It’s great to use at my desk, at home, almost anywhere. Now I will tune right before church and I’m sure it stays in tune but temperature changes are always a problem. So recently got a new tuner to use all the while I’m plugged in: Boss TU-3 by Roland. So easy to use and see clearly when I’m in or out of tune. It came in especially handy (and purchased in part because of) when I decided to use an alternate (DADGAD) tuning during part of the worship service. I could get it close by ear and then quickly stop on the TU-3 and get it right on pretty quickly. I’m sure it will get easier and faster as I use it more.

Also, as a worship pastor I especially need to stay in tune with my God. To do that, it’s got to be the Bible. And just like my guitar tuners discussed above, I use and a digital version, YouVersion by (on the computer and on my iPhone); and of course I’ve got several “old-fashioned” books (currently my favorite version is the New Living Translation by Tyndale House Publishers). With YouVersion, I enjoy having several bible versions to compare when reading. Oftentimes, a passage that can become familiar will come alive again in a different version. YouVersion also has several reading plans available that can help you stay committed to daily reading. I’ve started one this year that has been a bit of a challenge, but such a blessing. Still, reading right out of a book and feeling the pages on your fingertips can embed it’s truths in a more memorable way.

Whichever you choose, whether digital or analog, musical or spiritual, handheld or still handheld (just bigger), use the tools that help you stay in tune. These same tools will show you where you’re not in tune. Handy.



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