How are you being molded?

Have you ever thrown pottery? Wait, what? No, I’m not talking about breaking things. I’m talking about making a bowl, cup, or vase on a potters wheel. Now I haven’t done a lot but it was fascinating and I’d love to do it some more.

What am I getting at? Well in the bible, God is described as the potter and we are the clay. So. Let me explain some of what goes into making a simple bowl.

First, you cut off a chunk of clay and then you beat on it. It’s hard work. It hurts your hands. All the while your just trying to get all the air bubbles out. All the imperfections need to get smoothed out so you have something nice to work with.

Next is the centering. It’s important that the clay gets centered on the wheel so when the wheel begins to spin, everything doesn’t wobble out of control.

Now the shaping begins. With strong, gentle hands you press, pinch, and pull the clay to the shape you want. Sometimes parts get thin and they have to be trimmed off. The whole time, you need to keep your hands and the clay moist so it remains moldable.


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