Hi, Lo, or No Tech?

We recently got a new hi-tech device in our household. Now I’m not afraid of the gadgetry that goes around these days, but we definitely had a problem. The hi-tech didn’t want to play with the lo-tech. Now I knew there would be a few things that I would have to get to help them play well together, but was a bit surprised by how many. And how many I got wrong. I had to convert this signal to that signal. These connections to those connections. Adapters, converters, and cables, oh my!

Let me say that I succeeded in melding my menagerie of media components, but it made me so very grateful that the Gospel doesn’t have all these technical specifications, hardware requirements, and incompatibility issues that we have to solve on our own. God provides us with all we need: the Word to instruct us in the way we should live (2 Timothy 3:16-17), the Perfect Sacrifice to cover us and wash us clean (Titus 3:4-4), and the Holy Spirit to enable us to live holy lives before Him (Galatians 5:25).

And if we are offered all that we need, then that leaves us with the task of obedience, living moment by moment for Him. And if we are all doing that as the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12), what a beautiful collection of human beings, Christ’s Bride, living in unity and being a blessing to the world (Psalm 133).

We Are The Body Of Christ
by David Hampton & Scott Wesley Brown

One heart one spirit / One voice to praise You / We are the body of Christ
One goal one vision / To see You exalted / We are the body of Christ
And to this we give our lives / To see You glorified

© 1997 New Spring / SongWard Music / Integrity’s Hosanna! Music

It’s good to know that as we grow in Christ, as we seek to become more like Him, there are no expensive, recurring upgrades required to remain in God’s family. We are always compatible and up-to-date as we follow Christ.

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