What’s Your Part?

Tessitura. Bless you! No, I didn’t sneeze. Tessitura is a musical term to that refers to the (comfortable) range of a vocalist. You and I can only sing so low or so high (and early in the morning, the highs are even lower). Like other muscles, it’s a good idea to warm them up properly. They can be strengthened and your range can expand, but ultimately, they are limited. Just like me; just like you. We can’t do it all. Maybe a certain “part” can’t be sung by you, it’s not in your range. Maybe it’s for someone else. But we all have a part.

Your voice, like the rest of you, was made by God with a special purpose.

As the body of Christ, we’ve all been placed where we are to fulfill a purpose that God has planned in advance for us to do. And like our body, when everything is working well together, it’s a beautiful thing. Paul talks about this in 1 Corinthians 12.

Working well together. Now that’s important. In music, there is the musical score to follow. Sing the right notes at the right time and you create beautiful melodies and harmonies. Sing loud or quiet for a dynamic effect. And don’t forget the rests, they’re important too. But most of all, we all have to follow the music together. And to do that, we need a conductor: Jesus, our Maestro. He will direct you. He will help you come in at the right time and encourage you. Just keep your eyes on Him.

So what’s your part? You do have one. And it’s important too. Be sure to practice your part (Psalm 33:3) and keep your eyes on the Maestro (Hebrews 12:2).


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