Do You Remember?

I can’t say I grew up going to church; It was very occasionally. I do remember Vacation Bible School in the summer and Good News Club every Tuesday after school. I remember persistent friends who would invite me to church and youth group throughout high school. But it wasn’t until a time in college that I found myself (finally) at the cross and gave my life to Christ. It was Easter Sunday 1991.

I remember walking to the front of the church, but not feeling watched. I remember pouring my heart out to God and being prayed over. And I remember feeling different. Safe. Free.

Recently, I’ve come across a song that really celebrates the change that happens when we trust Christ. It prompts me to keep that day, 23 Easters ago, close to mind. It reminds me of the basic truth of the Gospel. It challenges me to share.

Salvation Day
by Vicky Beeching, Jonathan MacIntosh, and Sarah MacIntosh

God so loved, loved this world that He gave His Son
Whoever would put their trust, put their trust in Him
Would live forever, would live forever

Oh I was dead but now I live
Oh all my sin has been forgiven
Oh now with all my heart and soul I sing
Thank You for my salvation day

I so love, love Your world that I’ll give my life
So they would, yes they would see Your sacrifice
And live forever, and live forever

Here we are rescued and ransomed
Sing it out this is our anthem
Shout it out we’ll live forever

© 2010 Integrity Worship Music | Thankyou Music

My days aren’t always the way they should be. But the Lord is faithful and brings me back to that day. Do you remember your day? Maybe today’s the day.


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