We’re going out of town. There’s so much to do: a little car maintenance, hold mail, pack, clean, repack, check the weather, find the tire chains, pack again. And drive.

All this work for a few days to be with family. So worth it.

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Christmastime is approaching. There are cookies to bake, parties to plan, parties to attend, schedules to fill, letters to write, trees to trim, gifts to buy and wrap and give, gifts to receive. Surprise! And then it’s over. Surprise, again! Continue reading

What Are You Seeking?

The magical trimmings of Christmas have been popping up more and more lately. A commercial here, store decorations there, even a Christmas song on radio. One memorable song has these charming words: and every mother’s child is going to spy, to see if reindeer really know how to fly. I can sure remember not sleeping on several Christmas Eves; so excited to see what Christmas Day would hold! Continue reading