Ending or Beginning?

Are you a half-glass-full or half-glass-empty kind of person? Do you think about all the things you have to do, or get to do? Are you excited for something to end? Dreading something? Or is it the beginning that thrills or worries you? The answer’s probably ‘yes’. Me too.

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Thank you. Thank whom? Thank You!

Mmmm. Can you smell Thanksgiving dinner yet? Can you hear the doorbell ringing, announcing the arrival of your family who traveled through busy airports and highways to be with you on this wonderful holiday? You can barely hear the football game over the din of the excited voices exclaiming how big so-and-so is getting, long hugs, “Oh my, you look great!”, the cluttering of baggage in the entry way.

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Do Y(y)ou Remember?

I forget things. A lot. I can also remember things. A lot. My success in remembering is dependent on my level of distraction, busyness, weariness. If it wasn’t for technology, even pencil and paper, I’d be lost. Of course oftentimes it’s the technology that is my biggest distraction. Continue reading