Thank you. Thank whom? Thank You!

Mmmm. Can you smell Thanksgiving dinner yet? Can you hear the doorbell ringing, announcing the arrival of your family who traveled through busy airports and highways to be with you on this wonderful holiday? You can barely hear the football game over the din of the excited voices exclaiming how big so-and-so is getting, long hugs, “Oh my, you look great!”, the cluttering of baggage in the entry way.

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What Has He Done?

Last time, I shared a definition of worship: our response of all that we are to all that God is and does. How are you doing with “all”? Me too. Continue reading

What’s It Mean To You?

Ahhh. It’s now fully into Fall. The colors are changing in the trees, temperature is falling, and it’s getting dark. The time change will affect that even more. Outdoor activities will be requiring some additional layers to fight of the chill. And we’re also approaching the hectic (if you make it) holiday season! Continue reading