How Big?

Each week as we gather as the church, we have the powerful opportunity to proclaim and declare our love for, thanks to, submission under, joy about our Great God. Each of us with our different gifts, personalities, backgrounds, and experiences come together to hear what this One True God has to say to us from His Word. We worship by singing, praying, preaching, listening, serving.

Worship is our response to God. That is very basic, I know.  Continue reading


Are We Worshiping?

There are so many things vying for our attention these days. There is the cry of the baby, the phone call during dinner, the invitation to a gathering, the advertisement around every corner, trying to sow the seed of want. Advertising is a huge business that works to turn your wants into needs and attempts to make you a promise that it can’t fulfill. If you buy this, you will feel/look/become that. If you dedicate your attention to this “thing”, you will get what you “need”. Jesus was offered this same promise in the desert:

Then the Devil took him up and revealed to him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. The Devil told him, “I will give you the glory of these kingdoms and authority over them—because they are mine to give to anyone I please. I will give it all to you if you will bow down and worship me.” 

Jesus replied, “The Scriptures say, ‘You must worship the Lord your God; serve only him.’” Luke 4:5-8, NLT

Satan wanted that dedication of attention. He wanted that worship. He wanted that which is to be for God, and God alone.

This implies that worship can be directed to something other than God. As we are called to obedience, there is a choice that has to be made. And it is ongoing.

Are we worshipping? Of course we are! That’s what we were made for. So, the real question is “What are we worshiping?”

Who is He?

Here we are again. The last month of another year is before us. I hope as you reflected on the many blessings God has afforded you you were able to genuinely thank Him. Humbly. Fully.

Let’s look at at that worship definition again: our response of all that we are to all that God is and does. Ok, we’ve looked at our response to His doing. How about our response to His being. Who is He?

I went through bible study on Worship a while back: “Worship and the Word” by Pamela Haddix. One of her lessons was about “knowing the person of God”. In it she recommended meditating on specific names or titles of the Lord. In doing so, we learn more of who God is. And we’re able worship Him “more” of all that He is. She had an appendix which listed the many Names, Titles, and Descriptions of God (360+ according to NIV). Here is a sampling:

GOD the FATHER: A faithful God who does no wrong, A forgiving God, A fortress of salvation, A glorious crown, A jealous and avenging God,…God of glory, God of grace, God of hope, God of love and peace,… Our judge, Our lawgiver, Our leader, Our Mighty One, Our Redeemer,… Your very great reward.

GOD the SON: A banner for the peoples, A Nazarene, Alpha and Omega, Ancient of Days, Anointed One, Apostle and high priest, Author and perfecter of our faith,… Image of the invisible God, Immanuel (God with us), Indescribable gift,… Prince and Savior, Prince of Peace, Prince of princes, Prince of the hosts,… Wonderful Counselor, Word of God, Word of life, Your life, Your salvation.

GOD the SPIRIT: A deposit (earnest), Another Counselor, Breath of the Almighty, Holy One,… Seal, Spirit of Christ, Spirit of counsel and of power, Spirit of faith, Spirit of fire,… The same gift, Voice of the Almighty, Voice of the Lord.

For the complete list, visit her website: Worship & the Word

So go ahead, pick one. And worship Him. Then pick another. And another.